Holiday in the Mosel valley at chalet "Holz Art"

Rita and Rudolf Trossen have been managing the Mosel's oldest biodynamic wine estaste since 1977 and have now fulfilled one of their longstanding dreams. Expert craftsmen have built an exclusive holiday chalet into the garden of their estate, right at the Mosel cycle path with stunning views to the river and Kinheim's south facing vineyards.

Knowing the source

The holiday house is not just any environmentally-friendly building, but a lovingly created unique work of art called Holz Art.
Its builder is Karl Jacoby, a local master carpenter and an old friend of the family. He single-handedly designed and built the framework of the house and all the furniture. This included the individual selection, felling, cutting and ageing of the wood to create unique objects of distinctive and timeless design. He used locally sourced wood from fir, oak, cedar, elm, larch, poplar, apple, ash and lime trees. Each wood is perfecltly placed, giving the house a coherent character and offering its inhabitants a sense of comfort.

The design of the house was influenced by its locality, it is rooted in a winemakers garden with a visual connection to the banks of the Mosel and the vineyards. From its terrace you can follow the course of the river flanked by meadows and gnarled willows. The flowing element of the water is followed through in the design of the side wall of the house.

We would now like to invite guests into this holiday house. If you are interested in booking it please send us an email.

Ferienhaus Horzart